Start of the new wedding season

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479-September 12, 2009

Well it is almost summer again and that means very long hours and hard work for the top wedding photographers in South Africa. The season started off a little slower than usual but never the less her are a few images from a wedding I shot in the North-West province over the weekend.

a Very lovely couple, but…… the bride was more than 90 minutes late and the priest took forever to conclude the service. It was almost dark when we came out of the church but I still managed to get a few good shots.

I often get the question: Why does good wedding photography cost so much?

You’re paying for style, content and the ease-of-mind experience brings. You’re paying for professional service, and above all a photographer who is responsible for documenting and creating a body of work on what may be the most-important day of your life. When all is said and done these photographs are among a very few tangible things you and your family will have from this event for the rest of your lives.

What do you mean by “body of work?” An artist creates a collection to be viewed on overall merit, not simply on a group of individual pieces. Hiring a photographer and giving him/her free reign to create something unique is quite different than simply hiring a photographer to take pictures at your wedding.