“Morning Johan. I am still searching for words to respond and i still can’t find any.
These pictures are all ive been looking at since last night. I am beyond happy.
I pray that God nurtures this work that you do and that you are motivated to continue to capture such memories for more people.
I am the happiest client you ever worked with. Thank you for a great service. Thank you for the laughs in between the shots.
Have a great day further.”

Sibongile Makganye

“Words cannot express how much we as family appreciate the work you do. You really capture beautiful moments of the ones we love. We are forever grateful to you and your wife for your passion and the warm way you received us.
You made us feel so valued and special with you cheering us on in the session. Your and your wife’s warm personality really helped us relax.

You guys are the BEST!”

Gaynor Pietersen

“Today was so delightful.
We are still happy and giggling from the absolutely awesome experience.
Thank you for being so great at what you do.
We appreciate you beyond the words can carry.
Thank you for your touch of perfection.
We thank you for the extra time you gave us and for making the experience so personal.
God bless Johan Pretorius Photography.
May the Lord exceed your expectations of Him..”


“Hubby or I would stop by to swipe.
The pictures are so breathtaking.
Tears welled up my eyes as I viewed them again.
We pray the blessings of the Lord over your business. It will grow into a strong empire.
Thank you for being really excellent at what you do.
We appreciate the way you work as a team with your wife. It’s a winning combination.
Thank you both for paying attention to details.”

David Ebor

“Thanks once again for a super time we had… You helped us create a memory worth cherishing with our son.There is no price tag we can put to the time and effort you and Annerie put together but we just felt that it will not be justice to pay for an hour because you gave us more than an hour.We actually had about 30-45min over and above an hour allocated to us that we felt we should pay a bit for..It is just amazing to see a couple working well with so much passion , you are an inspiration….”

Tumi & Tshiamo

“This is just a quick email to say how much I enjoyed your workshops at the Photo & Film Expo this past weekend.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise. I have left these sessions with a renewed zest for photography. Inspired, motivated and eager to start putting things I’ve learnt into practice….and I have a lot to correct / fix up.
Most importantly out of everything I’ve learnt, it’s not just passion and skill but branding, marketing and making money to sustain that which we love to do. (I hope I’ve summarized that correctly). Something I really need to apply and put into effect to become a successful photography business.
In the meantime, till I get another opportunity to attend one of your workshops, I will continue to enjoy your teaching materials.
Best wishes and continued success.”

John Botha

“Good day Johan When you read this e-mail, picture someone who is so dumb-struck and speechless with his jaw dropped to the ground he can barely pick it up. Johan, you are awesome!! My wife brought the albums home and I cannot express the emotions that came up as we were turning each page, taking us right back to the 10th of March with the mind…soul and spirit. The pictures are EXTRAORDINARY Johan. What’s surprising is that we have seen them before…but the way that you have arranged them reflected something very different about each picture in it’s glory! Call it an album or a story book, but i have never seen anything even remotely close to what you have compiled for us in this book. Some people take pictures, others take images or photos…,but YOU CAPTURE MOMENTOS! Each one in itself reflecting what happened just before…during and just after the image was taken. I do not know how you do it but it works!! I wish i could show the whole world what you are capable of doing with your hands Johan. It is truly a gift. You also have a team that compliments your vision so well because you outdo yourselves every time. Thank you again and again for this gift that you have given us. It is truly priceless. I would like to come and thank you in person because I am honestly short of words to express myself in this text. My wife and I absolutely love the work of your hands!”


“Johan en Anneri, dis nou al amper 2maande na ons ongelooflike dag en steeds vang ek en Willem onsself dat ons weer en weer na jou website toe gaan om na ons troufotos te kyk… om nie eers te praat van ons ongelooflike mooi storybook nie (Willem moes vir my n nuwe koffietafel vir die storybook gaan koop !) Ons wil julle uit die diepte van ons harte bedank vir julle professionaliteit, en die vriendelike en gemaklike atmosfeer wat julle vir ons geskep het. Julle is deel van ons troudag se beste herrineringe. Wees verseker dat elke groot geleentheid in ons lewens deur julle lens vasgevang sal word. Soveel dank Die “van Aswegen’s””

Cindy & Willem

“Ons het so verdiep geraak in ons boek ons was hopeloos laat vir ons ete afspraak! Sjoe…dis AMAZING – nie net van uitstaande gehalte nie maar dis ‘n storybook wat ons sprokiesdag so so mooi vertel en pragtig weergee. Daar is soveel detail en aspekte en onbeskryflik asemrowend. Baie Dankie vir alles, soos daai ander gas gesê het jy is regtig geniaal! Ons Kon nie ophou kyk nie en het weer en weer van voor af geblaai. Duisend dankies!!! * JY IS TOPS*”

Marlene & Jacques

“Ons het so verdiep geraak in ons boek ons was hopeloos laat vir ons ete afspraak! Sjoe…dis AMAZING – nie net van uitstaande gehalte nie maar dis ‘n storybook wat ons sprokiesdag so so mooi vertel en pragtig weergee. Daar is soveel detail en aspekte en onbeskryflik asemrowend. Baie Dankie vir alles, soos daai ander gas gesê het jy is regtig geniaal! Ons Kon nie ophou kyk nie en het weer en weer van voor af geblaai. Duisend dankies!!! * JY IS TOPS*”

Marlene & Jacques

“Hi Johan! Dankie vir die Storybook op jou website – die mense wat ver is en nog nie gesien het kandan ook ‘n kans kry. En die wat dit reeds gesien het is gaande daaroor! Ek het jou ook gemail met ons prints. Dankie weereens, jou foto’s is blywend en betower nogsteeds”

Marlene Bothma

“Ons foto’s in ONGELOOFLIK MOOI !!!. Nadat ons die vergrootings gekry het is die fotos net nog mooier. Nogmaals baie baie dankie.”

Jacques Snyman

“Johan, Anneri en Loren Baie baie baie dankie vir al julle moeite op ons mooiste dag, julle het ons verwagtinge oortref !!!!!!!! Daars ‘n foto vir elke spesiale oomblik!!! Ek vang myself dat ek oor en oor en oor daarna kyk !!! Baie dankie vir julle professionalisme en dat julle ons so gemaklik laat voel het!!! Julle is ‘n wenspan, dis darem nou nie elke bruid wat haar fotos DRIE dae na hulle troue kry nie !!! Met soveel dank en lof.”

Die Krugers

“Johan, Anneri, en Loren (Jammer ons weet dis Sondag maar moes net sê). Sjoe wat ‘n dag – ons wil vir julle baie bitter dankie sê vir die ongelooflike tyd saam met julle. Ons is mos nou nie die fotogeniese mense nie en is maar sku vir die kamara, maar o wee julle het ons so spesiaal laat voel en gemaklik en dis te danke aan julle dat ons so ontspan het. Johan jy is ‘n ONGELOOFLIKE fotograaf ons kan sien hoekom jy as een van die beste fotograwe beskryf word. Anneri baie dankie dat jy vir ons gewys het hoe om te pose en so aan – as dit nie natuurlik vir ‘n mens kom nie kan dit mos maar ‘n stywe ding wees. Baie Dankie. Loren dankie vir die skelm laggies jy was die lig in ons lewe daai aand :) baie dankie. Julle het ons twee laat voel soos ‘n vetkind wat cupcakes sien!! Baie dankie”

Franssoa & Ronel

“Ek wil net van die geleentheid gebruik maak om vir jou baie dankie te sê vir die uitstekende werk wat jy met ons troudag fotos en dvd produksie gedoen het! Die finale produk het ons grootste verwagtinge oortref. Ek kan myself nie help om oor en oor daarna te kyk nie! Jy, Anneri en Loren was so vriendelik en‘n plesier om mee saam te werk. Julle het ons so op ons gemak laat voel tydens die fotosessies! Jy het regtig die essensie van ons troudag op jou fotos en film vasgevang! Elke keer as ons die storieboek deurblaai of die dvd kyk, voel dit asof dit weer ons troudag is! Ons het al so baie komplimente gekry by vriende en familie wat die fotos gesien het. Almal is sprakeloos oor die kwaliteit en kreatiwiteit van jou werk. O ja, en ook die feit dat ek al my fotos, storieboek en dvd gekry het net nadat ons van wittebrood gekom het is puik! Weereens dankie vir fotos wat ons ‘n leeftyd sal geniet en waardeer.”

Aliza & Emile

“My wife and I are grateful and extremely humbled by the way that you have contributed to the permanent records of the most beautiful day of our lives. Really Johan, you may think that you do what you do simply as a profession…but truth be told, YOU MAKE A LOT OF PEOPLE VERY HAPPY with what you do everyday!! We believe that you were created to do this and are fruitful beyond description because a long time ago, you decided that you were going to grow exactly where God planted you. You are truly blessed, and my family is blessed to have had you at our wedding.”


“I cannot keep my eyes dry when i think of the 10th of march …… I have entered the 2012 bride of the year competition and in my profile i’ve highlighted that i will have never been able to smile and pose like that if it was not because of you , Anneri and Lauren…. Irrespective of how comfortable the dress was , how good the food was , how beautiful the decor was …. That can only stay in our memories when captured by an excellent photographer as you….. You guys are so good and passionate with what you do ( sooooo patient , its unbelievable )…. Anneri, you are super excellent with poses , you can convert anyone into a super hot model , Lauren thanks for keeping our nerves down and always making sure that we are relaxed and telling us that we can do it… Johan , you made me feel like a star behind your lens , How you can go on and on about how beautiful we look with every shot you take,is just unbelievable ….. I soo wish every bride could get an opportunity to be photographed by you , its such a humbling experience. May you be blessed more…..”