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International acclaimed photographer Johan Pretorius is hosting a workshop where he will share his secrets of having a successful photography business for the last 25 years.


The dates for the two workshops.

1)   Saturday 02 February 2013 – NIKON HOUSE, Centurion Auditorium, 09:00- 17:00

2)   Saturday 16 February 2013 – NIKON HOUSE, Cape Town Auditorium, 09:00-17:00


The morning session will consist of theory and the afternoon will be spent on live shooting and light setups.

It will be a one day course over a Saturday and we will start in Johannesburg and then off to Cape Town.

The one-day course is titled:

How not to be a “starving artist“ & Shoot with the intent to sell.


Topics that will be covered will include:


* How to turn your photography into cash.

* Methods of Marketing.

* Selling Techniques.

* The secret of turning a R500 shoot into a R5000 job

* What are the most lucrative photography markets in South Africa?


The afternoon will be spent on lighting setups and equipment demonstrations, as well as workflow.

Cost of these workshops will be R1 500. Included will be tea and lunch and lots of information, tips and tricks out of hard earned experience over the last 25 years.


To book for this one day workshop email or call 082 652 3666. There is limited space available for participants.

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