Jenna & Bernard-a First for me…

By 2010-04-12 October 15th, 2010 No Comments

Well after 23 years shooting weddings full time this was a first in many regards.

A first wedding on a golf course, a first were they had fireworks bigger than I have ever seen…. wow!!!!!!!!!

and a first were the reception was in a parking lot and a first were every tree you could see had fairy light wrapped around it.

And more important a very first were I could not take a single shot of the bride and groom after the service because the wedding program revolved around the licence regarding the fireworks, and a first were the family pics were only taken at 11h00 because of the strict program from the wedding coordinator Otto, and lastly were I was hired to shoot a very fancy and upmarket wedding and as Otto said “no lights and technology were to be used or interfered with the wedding in any way”

But I still managed to work around all the obstacles and got some very decent and good shots from the day.

A first in many regards…