Wedding images go couple in fieldWelcome to my Wedding Section.

My Wedding Portfolio can be viewed here.

We also offer wedding storybooks that are designed, printed and binded in house, wedding invitations and stationary, Thank you cards and Thank you DVD’s in a slide show format (this way, all your guests get to see your lovely wedding pics).

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call my studio at
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Why Use Me ?
Because when things matter, you’ve only got one shot. And there’s no substitute for experience.

Portrait of bride

I have been running a full-time photographic studio for the past 29 years.

Many hundreds of weddings and functions and events has been captured, in all weather conditions and circumstances. My studio is equipped with the latest and most advanced equipment money can buy and is focused on impeccable service and quality. My name has an excellent track record and our accountability is known by all.

I specialize in wedding, children and family photography.
Portraits on canvas are then produced inhouse.

Many brides feel that their wedding day flew by rapidly. For that very reason, we have to capture this special event, that is so easily forgotten. Your wedding album will be treasured for years thereafter, thus it is not wise to entrust an amateur with this huge responsibility.

If your photos are a priority to you and you realize the dearness of it, make Johan Pretorius your photographer and take pride in a timeless set of wedding photos that speak of style, graciousness and creativity.

Bride on stairs with red roses

Once again, Leslie Milk says it
best. “Here’s the most important
thing you need to know about
wedding pictures: Book the best
photographer you can afford as
soon as you set the date. The wedding
music will fade, the flowers
will die, and you won’t even remember
if you ate, let alone what
you ate, at the reception. But the
wedding pictures last forever.”




There are traditional moments in life that you want a professional to capture—a wedding, child portrait, or senior portrait. Other important times people use professional photographers are to document family reunions, friendships, pets, or anniversaries. You only have one chance to capture your occasions. Why trust it to anyone but a professional photographer?

Professional quality equipment and images
Pros work with professional imaging equipment and specially constructed studios. They use professional cameras, lenses, lighting, and accessories. They know which lens to use for a romantic close-up, which will capture an entire group shot, and what will make a product look its best. Whatever the subject or the light, the images will look great.

They’re doing a job, and doing it well
You want your guests to have the time of their lives at your event, not to spend their time hidden behind a camera. A professional photographer is there to do a job. He knows how to capture you at your best. The bottom line? A professional photographer will get the best shots possible without spoiling your fun or taking up too much of your time.